welcome to my portfolio site. I invite you to get a sense of my understanding of new media and sound by browsing, clicking and scrolling through my recent works.

Entangled Body Infrastructures
Created by Julia PreiƟ and Timon Bohn, Entangled Body Infrastructures is a performative enactment of media infrastructures and their entanglement with the human body. By breaking down digital infrastructures to their physical components, their meaning and aesthetics are revealed, thus exposing the material reliance of data streams. Conversely, without the flow of data, digital infrastructures lose their meaning.
Erwachte Synthese
Erwachte Synthese is a study into performative movement and sound. While two performers interact with six different components of a digital sound synthesis by tweaking and adjusting its modulation, all parts get physically separated. Data and parameters get transmitted by audio cables through a serial interface. Movement creates space for a spontaneous, hectic and elaborated composition.
Netzbrummen is a noise generating tool based on a simple automated act of connecting and disconnecting a 6.35 mm audio jack into an amplifier. Sounds that being created by this machine arise from alternating current hum. Tweaking the movement of the jack by applying different velocities and accelerations, these sounds can be modulated and controlled.
Die Unumkehrbare Maschine
Die unumkehrbare Maschine is an installation which deals with an encoding and decoding process that has reversible nature in a digital axiomatic system, but looses this ability in a physical world.
Erwachte Synthese Notations
Erwachte Synthese notations represents a further research into my previous work Erwachte Synthese. By establishing a notation, this work tries to structure the communication between the two performers during the performance and to deduce controlled fields of improvisation. Additionally, due to its occasionally very precise instructions, this work discovers how far a human performer can reduce her or his ability to perfom certain orders to absurdity.

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I understand this part of the website as an open and public working diary. I share thoughts and ideas, mood boards and inspirations, progress and details.

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I'm a creative technologist working in the fields of new media and sound, with a focus on performances and installations.

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