My artistic practice explores the interplay between experimental and applied approaches towards tools and technologies.
In a performative manner, I surround myself with self-built machines, digital and analog infrastructures.
Wires crossing my skin, sound being amplified by movement or my body being touched and pierced by technology.
The performative approach enables a direct interaction between body and technology, allowing me to intertwine my body with my work again and again. The time-based nature of the medium allows for further nuances and a delicate probing of these relationships.
I mostly draw inspiration from philosophy, media theory and from examining the rudimentary fragments of elaborate digital systems, allowing me to reveal their complexity and the interdependence I have with them.


2017 - 2023 Digitale Medien (BA) at Hochschule für Künste Bremen


2022 Scholarship holder of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes

Performances And Exhibitons

2023 wo das ich sich entscheidet, Performance, Nebenflut HfK Bremen
2022 Entangled Body Infrastructures, Performance, Salon Digital Speicherbühne
2020 Erwachte Synthese Notations, Performance, Hochschultage HfK Bremen
2020 Unumkehrbare Maschine, Installation, Hochschultage HfK Bremen
2019 Erwachte Synthese, Performance, Schwankhalle Bremen

Professional Experience

2016 - ongoing Web- and App-developer, self-employed
2014 - ongoing Webdeveloper, Grafik Design Jutta Sucker


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