Entangled Body Infrastructures
Created by Julia Preiß and Timon Bohn, Entangled Body Infrastructures is a performative enactment of media infrastructures and their entanglement with the human body. By breaking down digital infrastructures to their physical components, their meaning and aesthetics are revealed, thus exposing the material reliance of data streams. Conversely, without the flow of data, digital infrastructures lose their meaning.

In this performance the human body serves as a redirection of the natural flow of data by getting interconnected into an infrastructural construct – the body becomes the interface.
It not only becomes a crucial component of the materiality, but has an impact on the data being distributed.

The two performers write a memory with different memory combinations on each other's bodies and thus reveal the merely infinite capacity for combination possibilities of a 64-bit RAM. Assuming that each bit combination takes 7 seconds to be completed, the total duration of the performance is 22.239.998.160 centuries.

Special thanks to:
Eno de Wit Photos

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